Marwane El Kharbili

Apr 21, 2008

Sebastian's PhD Blog

A quick link to Sebastian's PhD blog here. Sebastian is also a researcher and an engineer here at the IDS Scheer working on his PhD too. Sebastian started his PhD a little more than a year and a half earlier than me, and thus tutored me during the first couple of months of my Phd by providing me with tips and introducing me to the research projects we are working on. Sebastian is now in the last sprint phase of his PhD. He is working on nicely finishing and packaging his dissertation and writing the final document. I wish him lots of luck and lots of energy in this last phase, which is the most intensive and tiring phase of a PhD, both mentally and physically.

In his blog, Sebastian discusses a number of subjects, quite various I have to say, which gives a little insight into his interests. You'll find PhD and research related posts, posts about topics of interest such as SOA, and technical posts. You'll also find some posts about quite different things such as medicine, tech or trip reports such as the one about the Kilimanjaro ascension.

It is also accessible through the permalink in my blogroll list. So make sure you have checked this out.

Marwane El Kharbili


Sebastian said...

Thank you for the nice review!

Marwane said...

You're Welcome!