Marwane El Kharbili

Apr 20, 2008

PhD Thesis

I am an international cotutelle PhD student enrolled at both the University of Luxemburg and the University of Osnabrück (Germany), as part of a collaboration program between both universities. My area of research is software engineering and I am particularly interested in developing a method and language for regulatory compliance modeling and verification. For more details about my research interests and contributions have a look at my research page.

I am writing my thesis under the supervision of:
Previously to this, I was working for the IDS Scheer AG in the ARIS Research department. I was involved in international research projects on semantic BPM also tackling compliance management issues. During this period I authored and co-authored several scientific publications (see my publications page). I was also involved in the design of the business rule management solution of the ARIS platform for business process management.

I submitted my research proposal to Professors Pierre Kelsen and Elke Pulvermüller on October 2008. The proposal got accepted during the year 2009 and I officially started working on my thesis on August 2009. My research on compliance in business process management had already begun druing my duty at the ARIS Research in June 2007.

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