Marwane El Kharbili

Apr 22, 2008

ARIS Blog is Launched!

On the 18th of April 2008, our own blog on ARIS and related technologies has been launched. You can find it here: The blog is maintained by experts in the many areas the IDS Scheer is active in. You will find articles about governance, risk and compliance, business rules, BPM, SOA, Process Intelligence and controlling, and of course general topics around ARIS. This is not another marketing initiative, you will really find useful information on this one. Posts do not only relate to IDS's products, more to the technologies around it, our experience in BPM, to ARIS and to the topics that are relevant to the market. So make sure you don't miss on this one, get yourself subscribed to the Rss feed and come discuss with us your point of view on the topics we are writing about.

Marwane El Kharbili.

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