Marwane El Kharbili

Mar 21, 2008

Where the hell is Matt?

I discoverd this page almost 2 years ago, as I was in the middle of my master thesis. I fell in love with the video and the music, so I downloaded all videos in high definition and also the music for the soundtrack which is absolutely exquisite to th ears.

So I wanted to know how the videos were made and how Matt could actually travel everywhere around the world. I somehow felt profound sympathy for the guy! matt is a former scenarist for video games who someday gave up his job and gathered all hiss money to go around the world. he made videos with his famous dance and became very famous on the net, I guess even more that the numa numa dance by this guy on youtube. Simply because you never get enough of beautiful images from beautiful countries.

For his second trip, Mat got sponsored by a chewing-gum company, and made other wonderful videos. As fas as I read on his blog, he is now on this day still on another trip. I can't wait for the next videos!!! I promised myself to someday go the the same places, it's just that I'll need more time, like 400 years more, because I simply love my job! To help you wait, here are the three videos hosted on youtube:

Enjoy it and don't throw your job!

Marwane El Kharbili.

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