Marwane El Kharbili

Mar 10, 2008

What is the difference between SOA, EA, BPM, Enterprise 2.0...?!

Such questions may be asked to you if you work in these fields and are often speaking to people about "revolutionary" technologies. Whether you are evangelizing SOA, selling BPM, conducting EA inventory projects or communicating on Enterprise 2.0 internally, you have surely encoutered many lost eyes looking to locate themselves in this armada of new buzz-words. And not being at ease whan trying to answer the question: "What is the difference between X and Y" may not be a very good sign to give to your client/collaborators.

This post by Joe McKendrick emphasizes this and reminds us of the actual goal all these technologies are longing for: make processes more efficient, shorten time to market, increase ROI on IT, etc... Everything that would allow your client to achieve their business goals following their selected strategy. One thing Joe notes aside is the obvious misunderstanding of what BPM is (well he relevates that many people are confusing BPM and SOA and seeing them as being to 90% the same thing) by confusing it with SOA. this is something I can confirm through my experience and what I hear and read in the community about BPM. vendors, consulting companies and consultants sell BPM as being the technology, not the business discipline. This of course applies if you have a workflow engine that you sell as a BPM engine, but you ain't doing no BPM really. I won't diverge in a troll about BPM Vs. BPM (for the moment :D).

Enjoy the post by Joe McKendrick.

Marwane El Kharbili

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