Marwane El Kharbili

Feb 29, 2008

What is SOA?....

I lately stumbled upon this website by Thomas Erl on SOA: What is SOA? He makes good point by pointing out the string confusion about SOA: "[...]there still remains a significant amount of confusion as to what exactly constitutes a service-oriented architecture. Some qualify an SOA project by the fact that Web services technologies are being used, while others classify SOA as a Web-centric variation of object-oriented design[...]".

It is true that many people understand SOA wrong, the most usual confusion being that with web services. SOA also is at the origin of strong discussions among experts, as to whether it is the right approach to achieve goals in flexible and reusable component-based architectures. The confrontation REST Vs. SOA is the one I heard and read about the most. One is clear, the industry strongly pushes SOA, as being the effort to standardize all methods and techniques that may have existed or been partly supported/implemented and that seek to reach the same goals as SOA does.

Marwane El Kharbili

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