Marwane El Kharbili

Feb 17, 2008

My selection from the European Business Rules Conference 2008

I had promised to write an entry specifically to list my selection of talks at the 7th european business rules conference this year (June 16-18 2008). So let's get to the point here, I made a list of the most interesting talks from my point of view:

  1. Benefits of a BR Management Tool / Repository and not a Requirement Management Tool by Shikha Khan(Application Project Manager, Rules Management)
  2. Interaction between datamodels, rules and processes by Ralph Nijpels (KLM)
  3. BRM without a rule engine by Petr Chotebovsky (Microsoft )
  4. About the nature of Business Rules - Some basic answers from the perspective of Enterprise Ontology by Jan Dietz (TU Delft, The Netherlands)
  5. Verification and Validation by Silvie Spreeuwenberg (LibRT)
  6. Natural Language Parser for Business Rule Management by Rob van Haarst (Ness)
  7. A Comprehensive Architecture for Business Rules by Mukundan Agaram (Senior Designer and Architect, Delta Dental)
  8. Business Motivation Model by John Hall (Principal Model Systems Ltd.)

Now if you have a look at the line-up for this time, you would not want to miss this year's conference. My personal absolute favorites are numbers 2,4 and 6. Of course it is hard to choose because it really is all about what you already know and you are interested in at the moment for your organization.

Now there is still something about the tutorials to say here, I have made a pre-selection here, again solely based on the titles:

  1. SBVR, business models and vocabulary by Sjir Nijssen and Donald Chapin.
  2. Business Rules Standards in Practice by Markus Schacher, KnowGravity.

Many people don't know about standards in the Business Rule Management field, because there is not a lot of them, because they are very recent and because they are not yet set productively. Now my point is that such tutorials as those I have listed are really what we need to communicate about these standards, what business questions and needs they answe and how to use them.

Notice that the list of talks and tutorials is not yet complete so it might very well be worth another look in the next couple of months. I'll write another entry short before the conference anyways. Hope you'll make it in this year's edition!

Marwane El Kharbili.

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