Marwane El Kharbili

Jul 19, 2011

A very nice presentation introduction to BPMN by Jim Arlow.

125 Slides of pure goodness. I used this as a quick reference quite a lots at the beginning of 2011 while building some examples for my work, I found it quite useful. You will surely need to get to the spec and read quite a lot if you plan on using advanced concepts "productively", but it still helps break the ice with the comprehensive OMG standard. I found quite nice that Jim Arlow introduces BPMN using three profiles (or levels if you will) Basic, Core and Extended, which somehow remind me of the four Persona introduced in the last version of OMG's BPMN standard: Simple, descriptive, DODAF and complete. Overall a nice quick reference even if having it as HTML (maybe in a WIKI) would have been an even greater pleasure.

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