Marwane El Kharbili

Jan 31, 2008


Today I want to talk to you about Veosearch, the first search engine I know about that works with an innovative concept: supporting sustainable development projetcs by using advertisement revenue to sponsor such projects.

Veosearch can be found here: It is a french project. Currently the website is till in french, we all know the love of our french neighbours for foreign languages. There is no indication yet as to whether the project is destined to be available in different languages.

Technically said, veosearch is a multi-search-engine, it agregates the results returned by numerous search engines, such as yahoo, google, exalead and the most important about veosearch is that it is a solidary web search engine. It gathers money for associations conducting sustainable devlopment projects aroud these three topics: Humans, Environment and sustainable ecnomical activities. If you want moreinformation about Veosearch, have a look at the blog of the project: For the time being it is still in french so... but we'll be patient and wait for a translation!

Just putting is as your default search engine will help gather money each time you access a page through your search. So get involved!

Marwane El Kharbili.

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