Marwane El Kharbili

May 7, 2009

Project Reality Check

A friend of mine (Jean-Michel) sent me this link. I found it very funny so I am writing this post about it, I am sure you will find it interesting too. Although the page is in German, you don't need to understand what is written, just look at the images, it's always easier :D

So the pages is entitled "advertisement against reality". You can see 100 products of all sorts, and compare the advertisement photos or the images on the packages when you buy the product, with how the product really looks like. I'm telling you, the comparison is astonishing. I realized that what I buy is not what I use, eat or wear, but what is represented in the beautiful and bright images that we are bombarded with though advertisements. This is how marketing manipulates us.

Marwane El Kharbili.

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